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HawkAd is a unique network for mobile app advertisers and publishers to promote-monetize app”

HawkAd is a performance-based mobile app advertising network that specialized in mobile customer acquisition. We bridge the space between publishers who want to effectively profit from their mobile app ads or mobile network and marketers who are positively seeking to drive increased traffic with their mobile apps, websites or generate brand reputation. Just about everyone have types of mobile traffic available, from mobile phone to tablet, as well as iOS including iPhone/iPad/iPod, Windows and Android!

Immersive Advertising Services

We are providing immersive advertising services with virtual and augmented reality concept. The Immersive advertising means virtual ads which can show real 360° view with VR device and can also experience it with mobile phone’s camera as an augmented reality feature. It includes video, banner and image advertising services.

HawkAd - Monetization & Advertising Network
Why Advertisers Trust HawkAd
Why Developers/Publishers love HawkAd
HawkAd - Monetization & Advertising Network
Our amazing performance system was specifically made to deliver results at level specifically. Combining reporting data and campaign optimization capabilities, the HawkAd mobile advertising network seamlessly connects to direct and alternative party media sources, letting you access and promote your campaigns to external audiences.

Searching for Global Reach?

We serve advertising in over 220 countries worldwide! Promoters can choose specific countries to provide their advertising in and publishers can find nearly every country to profit from their traffic through.

Searching for Experienced professionals?

We’ve a number of 10+ many years of experience on the market. Work with a highly reputable and ethically sound company for your entire performance with marketing needs.

Looking for Statistics?

We deliver over 50,000 sales and contribute to our advertisers per month, as well as untold thousands of clicks. Providing our marketers with clients and increased income is exactly what we do, and we get it done very well.

Quality over Quantity

HakwAd’s fundamental viewpoint with advertisers is easy: Quality over Number, all day! Quality leads and sales for our advertisers is our priority at HawkAd. With this proprietary platform, we’ve the capability to strictly control and implement fraud precautionary measures to be able to supply the finest quality possible to your advertisers. We also make an effort to use only the best publishers who’ve a proven history of providing great results. You may expect top-notch support and information dealing with Hakwad. Advertisers will be the backbone of the complete advertising on the internet industry, this means without them HawkAd cannot exist. Once marketers are sign up with HawkAd, our trusted publishers will work on driving traffic to their products through their mobile app.

Why Advertisers Trust HawkAd
Performance structured marketing minimizes the chance on the marketer part and allows these to effectively profit from proven data. Eliminated are the times when you put money at an arbitrary web property for impressions and clicks that don’t convert into sales or leads. As our marketer, you merely pay us whenever we send you a fresh and confirmed install or download.

App Advertising Network

Advertising on mobile isn’t about focusing on any customer; it’s about concentrating on the right customer. Our programmatic targeting engine unit combines smarter data with original creative options so we aren’t only focusing on the best end user, but ensuring they engage. We provide all budget levels and advertising campaign types, providing our advertisers usage of our progressive, top-of-the-line targeting capabilities.

Popular kinds of mobile performance structured Cost per Action (CPA) methods include:

Cost Per Install (CPI)

Software or mobile app advertisers pay per customer that downloading the product on the computer or installs the app on their mobile. A few types of companies using the CPD/CPI method are: online video gaming companies, mobile app advertising platforms, software applications companies and much more.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Each and every time you select an ad you observe on Yahoo or a favorite website, it’s likely that the marketer just paid that company for your click. Cost per click means that the advertiser is paying per customer that clicks on the advertisements. Types of companies using the CPC method range from insurance companies, to clothing stores, to software companies.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Marketers pay on a per lead basis whenever we send them their desired home elevators new customers. Leads contain a customer’s name, contact number, email, address and almost any other information our advertiser are looking for. A few types of companies using the CPL method are: insurance firms, coupon/daily deals companies, credit card issuers, survey companies and much more.

Why Developers/Publishers love HawkAd
HawkAd prides itself in providing our developers the best customer support available on the market today. We recognize that reputation is everything, and we take satisfaction inside our spotless reputation on the market. Companies like ours open up and close every day, but our entrances have been widely open since 2014. We don’t have confidence in taking uncalculated dangers that may eventually wrap up adding our company and our publishers at harm’s way, which explains why they feel self-confident approaching to HawkAd for almost all their mobile app monetizing needs.

Community engagement is also a building-block of the HawkAd value system. This essential factor bolsters our belief that corporations can act ethically while still practicing good business. HawkAd is not backed by investors who seek to increase revenues at the trouble of responsible corporate governance. We are a debt-free company that strictly upholds our conditions and conditions, adheres to all or any relevant laws, and strives to give a safe and profitable environment for our publishers.

HawkAd – App Monetization

Get more earnings through HawkAd. By allowing users to get digital rewards in trade for installing advertising campaign on app, publishers can monetize predicated on the installs.

Publisher Solutions: Choose from a number of integration and accounts options to increase your income.

Smart Targeting: Our data-enhanced targeting {we can} identify the right {promotions} for the right users

Native Advertising Units: Our top-level design team can create customized native advertising that fit seamlessly into the apps

Big Data: Our programmatic system is a synthesis of data from over 78,000 apps and many global MOUs.

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