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If you are using internet and you are connected with any online acidities, you have definitely read about Augmented Reality. There are many online business people know about Augmented Reality and few of them know about Augmented Reality Advertising concept. But are you or they knows that why Augmented Reality is important in marketing?

You may have seen that many people are suggesting Augmented Reality for advertising. Here are few real life examples and use of augmented reality in advertising services.

Augmented Reality Advertising Examples & Importance

The brand recognition is primary and most popular content of augmented reality advertising services. Here, it is possible to create advertising with brand logo or any images related particular brand. Once user view any logo or product, and scan it with augmented app or any existing platform – it will show detailed brand view with video or website description. It is not limited to simple brand scan but also for real estate business and many other industries.

In real estate industries – people always plan to make their home perfect with all home interiors and with perfect matched. It is hard to consider best look just by graphic images or any demo view. The augmented reality is works here – With AR App, home buyer can use camera scanner (AR app) and set any home interiors in blank home. Drag-Drop-Move-Rotate – all features available via AR app for perfect fitting. Same as real estate & brand reorganization, augmented reality advertising is very useful in other industries.

The example of augmented reality advertising services is IKEA app, which has added AR concept in mobile application for online shopping purpose. IKEA is providing home related products like table, sofa, chairs etc. Normally, when people require any home product like table, they visit offline store or online store and select table but they are not sure that how it will look in reality or it will fit in space with best look? The IKEA app’s concept works here – It provides exact product with height, width and also with color and rotate structure so, any user can look its original view in their home and easily make decision.

The IKEA, real estate, brand recognition are just examples – in reality it is very useful and also different then current all marketing ideas. People always love new technologies and real business people know what people needs – This comes augmented reality advertising in market. There are many big brands are working on Augmented Reality, they know its importance for business. At HawkAD, We are providing augmented reality advertising services which can improve brand popularity and increase your business.

Augmented Reality is true diamond for online advertising which can work on mobile phone and create connection between all types of digital content & marketing people. Augmented reality is not required big budget or high marketing cost as per comparison of TV advertising; also the main point is – AR includes new and very impressive technology which can attract crowd easily.