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Looking for immediate offers, high CTRs, high conversions, globally renowned customer care, quick payments plus much more? You’ve come to the right place, we is specialized in working directly with other ad-networks and mobile app publishers to increase their earnings.

Mobile App Monetization Platform

We are all about getting you maximum rewards for your entire effort. At HawkAd, we give attention to placing the mobile customer at the center in our considering to optimize the user-experience, whilst creating and sustaining high-levels of earnings from your mobile app traffic.

Our approach is to campaign targeted and relevant advertising to mobile users to avoid compromising the app experience. Monetization of mobile ads is simple to create, ads are simple to manage and we use market-leading reporting tools to monitor earnings streams and performance.

Maximize Ads Revenue at HawkAd Mobile App Publishing Platform

With the most significant way to obtain global marketer demand, flexible advertising settings and an industry-leading mediation service, HawkAd is the best mobile app monetization platform to generate income from your app and increase your ad earnings through advertising.

Choose the best ad format

Drive mobile publishing earnings by integrating banner, interstitial, or video ads seamlessly into your app. Our variety of formats means you have lots of choices to supply the best user experience.

Banner advertising appears at the top or bottom of your app screen and can prompt users to install apps, increase impressions, view products or call to action. Our in-app proposal advertisements increase to full display when the banner is tapped. Our smart banners automatically resize to match different display screen sizes as an individual rotates their device.

HawkAd interstitial are full-page advertising that appear in your app at natural breaks or transition points. A typical use case is after an even is completed in a game. Our advertisers use interstitial to create engaging brand experiences, or direct action, such as driving app downloads.

HawkAd’s video ads bring wealthy brand experience to your app, and the versatile characteristic of the format allows users to miss the video recording after 5 seconds few moments.

Filter out ads you do not want

Maintain full control over the types of advertising you show using category and ad specific filters, and make a decision when and where ads are shown in your app. For instance, you can stop advertisements from basic categories such as Clothing, Internet, Real estate, and Vehicles. Or you may use the ads review center to examine individual advertising before and once they are shown in your app.

Earn higher CPMs with Mobile App Monetization Services

When advertisers be competitive, you earn. As more advertisers compete showing their ads in your app, they pay higher CPMs to be able to earn out over their competition. This implies you earn much more revenue.

HawkAd’s best-in-class mediation service gives you to perform other mobile advertising systems through the HawkAd publishing network to simplify your ads functions, improve competition, and earn much more, free of charge. It’s appropriate for many top mobile ads network mediation associates; with new ones added on a regular basis.

Ad network advertising automatically changes the positions of your other ads systems in your mediation stack to make sure you earn the most money possible. It compares the historical performance of your advertising network CPMs with real-time HawkAd.

Developer’s Portal

HawkAd developers gain access to a website to see near real-time stats on traffic and revenue across all advertising platforms, allowing profound in the computer data to see what’s and isn’t working. Publishers can also perform supervision functions like selecting payment methods and looking at billing history.

In addition, HawkAd developers now have access to advanced analytics tools including funnel, cohort, audience segmentation, earnings and proposal evaluation to make sure you can truly understand your computer data. This advanced insight gives you to optimize your campaigns to increase your earnings potential.

Advantages app publishers of HawkAd:

Payments On-Time: With huge amount of money paid out to your mobile app publishers you may never have to be concerned about your payment being later. We pride ourselves in providing our publisher payments on every right time.

Custom App Monetization Platform: Each app publisher has their own requirements that might need its special technical focus on reach the best potential. That is why HawkAd has spent heavily in creating a proprietary tracking network to meet our individual developers’ different needs. Creativity, superior technology and custom-made solutions are advantages app publishing users have when they sign up for our network.

Industry leading personal support: Customer care is of the best importance to HawkAd. We recognize that our success is linked directly to your success. Publishers tend to be more than streams of earnings to us. We make an effort to personally hook up with our publishers to build up the trust necessary for a successful method of trading.

Direct Mobile Advertisers: Robust collection of mobile promotions in nearly every vertical, country, conversion and payout point.

Competitive Marketing campaign Rates: We strive hard to keep up best advertising campaign price against our competition. If our web publishers see higher rates somewhere else we do all we cannot and then match those rates, but beat them often.

Please understand that we take scams very seriously, this means every app developer will be screened intensely before being accepted directly into our mobile app publishing network. We only work with developers and publishers who provide the best quality traffic to our advertisers. We’ve worked to get a reputation on the market for satisfying publishers. We know that our success is connected with your success. Appropriately, we do everything inside our power to ensure you achieve your highest potential.